L130 and L130S Disk Lifter

Since 1991, the Meran L130 and L130S disk Lifters
have become the industry standard for inspecting
and sorting rigid memory disks. Disks and cassettes
from 130 mm to 21 mm diameter are easily
accommodated. The L130 is operated through its
front panel buttons or a remote foot switch. The
L130S is equipped with a unique fiber optic disk
sensor that finds and lifts disks automatically.

The efficient L130 design consumes a bare
minimum of valuable clean room space. Brushless,
ball bearing motors drive both the lift blade and the
cassette indexer. Clean running rack and pinion
gears translate the motor's rotary motion into
smooth, accurate linear motion. A modular
electronics package provides a simple and reliable
control system. The L130 can be programmed for
virtually any disk spacing or blade lift distance. New
cassettes or manufacturing techniques can usually
be accommodated with a simple software change.
Modular Construction keeps the parts count to an
absolute minimum. Fewer parts result in fewer
breakdowns and simpler maintenance. Features
common to the L130 and L130S include:
1. Compact 6.70 x 9.25 inch footprint that saves valuable clean room space.
2. 115/230 VAC Operation - Compressed air is not required.
3. Clean, accurate, brushless motors for both blade and cassette movement.
4. Reliable, optical limit switches are used for position reference - No difficult to adjust
mechanical switches.
5. Disks are always lifted to the same position in space. The disk up position is
programmable and can even be custom programmed for multiple up positions.
6. Changing cassette types is as easy as pressing the front panel PROGRAM key. Future
cassette sizes are readily accommodated. Lift blades and cassette guide blocks are
easily changed when necessary.
7. A Built in RS-232C Remote Serial Port. Can be paired with common RS-232/USB
8. Software upgrades are made easy with Meran's Program Loading Software and a
customer supplied PC compatible computer.
9. Remote Operation - The L130 can be remotely operated from the RS-232C port. The
remote feature enables the L130 to become a component in a larger automated system.
The L130 combined with an PC compatible computer can also become a data logging
quality control tool. Cassette ID, disk number and quality data can be automatically
logged for later analysis with popular spreadsheet or database software.
10. CE approved for sale in the European Union.
11. Modular AC power entry module combines fuse drawer, power switch, EMI filter and
surge suppressor.